Inverness crime down in 2013

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By Nancy Kennedy

INVERNESS — Crime in the city of Inverness dropped by 22 percent in 2013, said Capt. Justin Ferrara, Citrus County Sheriff’s Office east side patrol commander, while he presented his annual Inverness crime report to the members of Inverness City Council on Tuesday.

The report only includes crime and calls for services inside the city limits.

“In 2012, what I wanted to improve on was traffic stops and citations, which we did improve on, but one of the most important things to look at is the 22 percent drop in crime,” he said.

“In 2013, there were no homicides  …  and only a couple of robberies, all resulting in arrests,” he said.

Ferrara also noted that residential burglaries dropped by 29 percent, commercial burglaries by 53 percent, vehicle burglaries by 40 percent and auto thefts by 85 percent.

There were 25 attempted suicides/suicidal attempts. Ferrara said the difference in the category depends on information from the 911 call.

Overall, there were 18,275 calls for service. As Ferrara explained, calls for service aren’t necessarily crime calls, but also “cat up a tree”-type calls.

For example, there were eight calls regarding an abandoned vehicle, 133 noise complaints, 40 missing persons reports, two calls about mischief (and 11 criminal mischief), seven suspicious packages, 162 suspicious persons, 81 suspicious vehicles and 15 road rage calls. 

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