History bears out truth

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An often-printed lefty letter writer appeared again regarding a couple letters she took issue with. Both letters were printed on the same day and discussed similar concerns as to the left now constantly dismissing views by conservatives through the use of name-calling rather than logically rebutting well-articulated views.

This liberal in particular has accused conservatives of being no more than angry, ranting people who “ruined what would have been an otherwise beautiful Saturday,” because she had to read others’ opinions. Joanie Welch, I thought, courteously and respectfully explained, with more restraint than I have, that her issues were not so much anger based, but more out of concern for the financial standing of our country. No counterpoints were made to this view. Instead, the liberal letter writer went on to prove the points suggested by the conservatives the arrogance of this presidential administration has trickled down to individuals more worried about their own agendas, un-interested in compromise and emboldened by the narrowest of margins. 

If this letter writer is offended by other’s views, I would suggest she stop reading the Letters column and perhaps she might be better served reading about history and economics.

The left has thumbed their nose at the “greedy corporations” and were dancing like a ballplayer hitting his first homerun until Duke pulled the dance floor out from under. Now they ask Duke to consider the best interests of “we the people” over their own interests. No one complained about the power plant contributing millions to tax revenue, payroll and charities while lightening our individual tax burdens and causing our county to grow from 20,000 to 140,000. 

Everyone cries “oh please don’t scrap the nuke.” Some have been holding out one hand wanting money while they hold the other hand up with the middle finger pointing as they voted against the greedy 1 percent.  

Our president promised Cap and Trade legislation, which he explained would “necessarily cause energy prices to skyrocket” and he was elected anyway. No informed person could have believed we could, in a short time, eliminate fossil fuels in favor of windmills, solar panels or energy fairies. I’m not a fan of Duke, monopolies or the PSC, but I understand reality. I used my vote to do the most I could to lessen the most potential and immediate evils challenging my children and grandchildren. Suspicious, speculated and unproven man-made global warming concerns fell far behind the economy and national security. 

Conservatives and economists have been heckled and called racist, paranoid, overreacting McCarthys when they warned of the consequences of stifling jobs and capital providers and enough people were willing to disregard these warnings so now our little Citrus County may have the distinction of realizing prophecy third in the nation only behind 9,000 Boeing and 18,000 Hostess employees. Detroit is next. Union members are fighting in the streets, shocked they could be betrayed less than a month after they voted for the great deceiver. Did these people somehow forget what happened to the air traffic controllers in the early 1980s? They weren’t working in sweat shops.

In the words of Kenny Rogers: “You gotta know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em.”

When I wrote we were the next Europe, people sarcastically asked if I had a crystal ball. One doesn’t need a crystal ball to see history, or what’s happening before he is even sworn in for the next four years. 

Mitch Simmons
Crystal River