Dr. Frank Vascimini, Sound Bites, 01/01/13

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Resolve to worry less about dentistry in new year

By Dr. Frank Vascimini

Well, it is 2013 — Happy New Year. I hope all of you had a great time with your family and friends through this holiday season. I enjoyed the relaxation of not going anywhere and just staying home.

As we all know, with the New Year comes talk about some resolutions.

I thought I would put a different twist on my column today and talk about some of the services dentistry has to offer that people might shy away from and write a small note as to why you shouldn’t worry so much about them.

Maybe after reading this, you will make some new resolutions.

+ Smile Makeover — you may think that this needs to be very involved, time consuming and costly. The truth is that it does not have to be. Go talk to your dentist about what your goals are, and he or she will likely give you many alternatives, one of which should meet your needs.

+ Root Canals — they simply are not what most people think of when they hear they need a root canal. I cannot remember the last time I had a complication with a root canal that lead to disappointment. If this were to happen, the likelihood of the problem is usually known ahead of time and does not come as a surprise.

+ Adult Orthodontics (braces) — many adults shy away from braces. As long as you have an orthodontist who is comfortable with adult braces, you will be amazed with the outcome you can have — and what a difference it can make in your smile.

+ A New Set of Dentures — Dentures have come a long way through the years. They can look like real teeth and can take years off of your appearance. And the fit and comfort that new technology provides will surprise you.

+ Implants — Implants have finally made it to the status of routine dentistry. There was a time when I could not say this. As long as you have a good surgeon who works closely with the restoring dentist, implants are predicable. They should always be included in your set of options.

+ Whitening — If you are looking for whiter teeth and you are in a hurry, you can have in-office whitening. If you have the time, at-home whitening works just as predictably and can save you some money. The days of sensitivity are few and far between. In the event of sensitivity, there are many solutions we have to offer to relieve any discomfort.

+ New Patient Exam — You might shy away from an exam because you are worried about what you might hear. The truth is it is better to know what is going on, get your options and make a plan to get you to optimum oral health. I cannot tell you how many times a patient says to me they wish they had done it sooner. Dentistry has so many options to improve oral health and appearance. Take that first step and get your exam — you won’t be disappointed.

I hope this has helped some of you make that resolution to call your dental office for an appointment. I wish all of you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!

Dr. Frank Vascimini is a dentist practicing in Homosassa. Send your questions to 4805 S. Suncoast Blvd., Homosassa, FL 34446 or email info@MasterpieceDentalStudio.com.