Depending on the government

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I don’t need to tell most of you our government has left us and our Constitution, and is leading us into government dependency for our needs. This is an unsatisfiable appetite; it’s going to take heavy increases in income tax to sustain. That’s the way of the beast. 

This system will lead to slavery of the entire country. There won’t be enough tax money to feed the beast. There’s not enough workers to feed the beast, nor are there enough wealthy people. If it weren’t for the wealthy, there would be no jobs. The way it is, they’re being ran out of business. All of this because a group of people I call “the shadow government,” wants absolute control; it’s all part of “The New World Order.” When they finally get the citizens’ guns, then everything will be about final.

The people are the government, and this two-party system is not working for us. One side has created fear and hate of the other side, so they can stay in power, which is rapidly destroying America. But as long as the people are fooled by these tactics, it’s only going to get worse. But I have no fear, this is all a sign the Lord’s return is very, very near, and I’m ready.

Clarence Lovelady
Crystal River