Decreases in arrests, crashes in Inverness

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Sheriff’s office notes city’s crime on decline since 2010

By Nancy Kennedy

INVERNESS — Citrus County Sheriff’s Office Commander Buddy Grant presented the Inverness City Council with the annual end-of-year report for the city for 2012 at Tuesday’s meeting.

He noted calls for service (14,370) were down significantly and arrests (588) were down 11 percent from the previous year.

“We’ve been on a decline since 2010,” he said.

According to state figures, the 217 traffic crashes in the city marked a 41 percent decrease for 2012. However, Grant said he thinks the figure is misleading. The number of crashes is higher than what the state reported.

“We track our own crashes, and we count every crash, no matter how minor,” he said. “The state only looks at crashes involving injuries.”

In tracked crimes, Grant said two homicides were in the city in 2012 (none in 2011). Robberies (3) and sex offenses (0) were each down by two; residential burglaries (24) were down by six and commercial burglaries (15) were up by 10.

“If you remember, the first six months in 2011 we had zero commercial burglaries, and I said last year during my report to you that we had never had that and probably would never see it again — and that (skewed) the numbers,” he said. “We average about 12.”

Vehicle burglaries (46) were up by four as a result of juveniles “pulling on door handles one night,” Grant said.

Auto theft (7) was up by four.

“Overall, we had 97 tracked crimes, so we’re consistent to where we’ve been over the last five years,” he said. “Our goal is to stay below 100.” 

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