Concerning Cuba, do you agree with President Trump’s partial restoration of restrictions eased under the Obama Administration?

A. Yes. It’s a tempered action that still allows for educational-exchange travel while curtailing support of a brutal dictator.
37% (135 votes)
B. No. The U.S. maintains stronger relations with nations far more corrupt and far less likely to emerge as a friend to America.
27% (101 votes)
C. Yes. It will hasten the demise of the controlling government, then, in turn, open the door for democracy.
11% (41 votes)
D. No. It will cause a great backsliding in progress made in recent years and leave Cuba to rely on support from Russia.
21% (77 votes)
E. Forgive me. The issue is not to be taken lightly, but can’t the U.S. at least import Cuban cigars until things are worked out
4% (14 votes)
Total votes: 368