Charges stack up in suspected sex case

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More women come forward

By Abdon Sidibe

Charges against a man accused of sex crimes against minors and adults have mushroomed once again — this time after two more women came forward and said he abused them, too. One of the accusers said she was abused more than 500 times, according to the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office reports.

Bruce Michael McQuillin, 49, of Inverness, who is in custody facing previous similar charges, was arrested again Monday on two counts of sexual battery on a person 12 years or older using force or a deadly weapon. The latest accusers are now 22 and 24 years old respectively. Four other women have already accused McQuillin of rape and other criminal sexual behavior while they were minors and, in some cases, as adults.

The 22-year-old alleges she was part of a group of young teens who congregated at his home and partied. McQuillin, she alleges, provided the girls with alcohol, marijuana and cocaine. She told investigators she was 13 and 14 when she would attend these parties with other girls. She recalls passing out during one of the parties and woke up to McQuillin holding her down and improperly touching and abusing her. She reportedly punched him and fought to free herself and fled.

The 24-year-old accuser told investigators she had been going to McQuillin’s home since she was 6 because she was friends with his son.

However, she alleges when she was 13 years old the sexual abuse and assaults began and lasted into her late teens.

She alleges she always told him to stop and most of the assaults came after she passed out from alcohol or drug use. She alleges McQuillin threw her into walls and doors and even threw a knife at her at one time. She said she has been abused at least 500 times by McQuillin.

She reportedly told investigators she was afraid to report the incidents because McQuillin had threatened to harm her and her family and claimed to be a member of the Mafia.

McQuillin was initially arrested Nov. 20 on complaints by two women and is facing two counts each of sexual battery or injury of sexual organs on someone under age 12 and showing obscene material to minors. He is also facing a charge of sexual battery on someone 12 years or older without their consent or while incapacitated.

On Dec. 7, after two other women came forward to accuse him, he was charged with five additional counts sexual battery on a person 12 years or older without their consent or being helpless; lewd and lascivious molestation and unlawful sexual activity.

McQuillin reportedly declined to make a statement to investigators, saying he had an attorney.

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