Bright House working to resolve overcharges

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By Pat Faherty

Bright House Networks has acknowledged a payment processing error has resulted in extra charges for some Florida customers. 

According to Bright House spokesman Joe Durkin, about 3,000 Florida customers who wrote personal checks to pay their Bright House Networks bills were affected.

Paula Cooper of Citrus Springs was one of those residents. Her monthly Bright House bill of $140 was processed three times, resulting in a $420 charge — the last thing she wanted to hear this holiday season.

Durkin explained the affected customers mailed their checks to a drop box where they are retrieved, processed and deposited with Bank of America by a third-party vendor.

“During that process some of  the checks were processed up to three times each,” he said. “The vendor caught the error and Bright House and the bank are working together to reverse the process.”

He said the affected customers do not need to take any action. The money will be returned to their accounts, possibly by the end of this week. He said Bright House will also take care of customers who may incur insufficient funds charges due to this mistake.

“Unfortunately, there is never a good time for this and with the holidays it’s added stress,” Durkin said. “We apologize for that.”

He added if anyone sees multiple debits on their account for Bright House that are not resolved, they should contact their bank or Bright House Networks.

“I’ve been a little upset,” said Cooper, who spoke with Bright House. “It could snowball; people who don’t bank online might not know it happened right away. 

“I didn’t need to have an extra $280 out of my account, especially around the holidays.”

Cooper also expressed concern as to why it would take so long when the check clearing error happened on Dec. 3. “The bank had to know about it,” she said. 

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