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    FOR SALE, COW HAY Round Bales, no delivery $30. a bale 352-726-2986

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    WHISKEY A 3-y.o. neutered Bulldog mix, weight 50 lbs. Mature, very affectionate boy, good with other dogs,. Listens & obeys well, respectful, appears housebroken, calm manner. NO CATS. Easy-going and would do well with most any family. Call Wendy @ 813-215-9293 or email Fugazi89 @hotmail.com.

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    ALEX Alex, 9-y.o. Golen Retriever/Chow mix, weight 88 lbs, HW negative, loves to walk on leash & does it well, a gentle walker. Loves attention & food, especially treats. Quiet & well-behaved. Should be the only pet in the home. Call Joanne @ 352-795-1288 or Dreama @ 813-244-7324 or email @ lacybele@aol.com.

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    BLUE RAY A 2-y.o. Hound mix truly beautiful, playful & happy. Patiently waits for you to throw a ball for her to catch. Likes other dogs & loves her human friends. Medium energy. Would be a great family dog & loyal companion. Call Lynne @ 352-220-3862 or Lturck1@ tampabay.rr.com.

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    AL a 3-y.o .Retriever/ Bulldog mix housebroken & athletic. Stunning in appearance, muscular & lean. Learning leash-walk ing, knows sit & takes treats gently, very affectionate. Best as only dog, had been attacked before & does not feel safe with other dogs. Call Christina @ 352-464-3908.

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    GRACE A 1-y.o. American Bulldog mix, happy-go-lucky & life of the party. Gives lots of kisses & tail never stops wagging. Wonderful temperament & has lots of good energy, but is over the puppy phase. Does well with most dogs. Call Christina @ 352-464-3908 or email at Christina.heady@ yahoo.com

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    MARSHALL 2 1/2 y.o. Bulldog mix, appears housebroken, low to medium energy, very laid back. He loves to be with his human friends, & would make a very loyal companion. Available at the Citrus County Animal Shelter in Inverness. Call Christina @ 352-464-3908 or email@Christina. heady@yahoo.com.

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    MONA A Young Hound mix very sweet, happy & playful. Appears housebroken. Loves people & is both dog & cat friendly. Weight 50 lbs. Would be perfect as a family pet. Text or call 813-215-9293 or email:Fugazi89 @hotmail.com.

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    NORA A 2-y.o. spayed female Terrier mix, very sweet, in foster care. A beautiful happy & friendly girl, a bit shy at first. She is petite @ 30 lbs. HW negative, housebroken, crate-trained, learning basic commands. Good with other dogs. Fenced yard preferred. Call Annie @ 352-410-3160

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    PUPPIES! Red Mini Poodle Pups. Ready for new homes on 12/20/14 JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS! $850. Call Janice 352-419-8233 or janiceannross @msn.com